Domaine de la Touraize - ARBOIS AOP (Jura)

Chardonnay "Ammonites"


Grape variety :


Designation :

Arbois PDO

Terroir :

Rich gravel on marl. Southwest facing hillside. Altitude: 350m

Acreage :

0.80 ha - Named-places: Curoulet, la Platière - age of the vines: 30 and 50 years

Farming method :

Winter and spring :Cane pruning (Guyot). Arch trained. Addition of organic matter at the end of winter. Spring and summer : Disbudding then tying-up. The vines are only treated with copper and sulphur, no pesticides. The soil between the rows and "under the rows" is ploughed several times a year. No chemical weeding. The grapes are hand-picked and put in 300 kg containers.

Yield :

50 hl / ha.

Vinification :

Pneumatic pressing of whole bunches. Static gravity settling. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeast. Alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation in tuns (20 hl). No inputs.

Aging :

24 months on fine lees in tuns. Topping up every week.

Bottling :

On 27 October 2017 after light plate filtration (K250), 3000 bottles. Batch: L AMMO 15.

Serving temperature

Between 10°C and 13°C.

Tasting :

Ripe plums and coffee overtones on the nose. Powerful and rich on the palate with a pleasant tension to the finish.

Serving suggestions :

Scallops and poultry dishes in cream sauce, wild mushrooms on toast, smoked fish.