Domaine de la Touraize - ARBOIS AOP (Jura)

"Côtes à Côtes"


Grape variety :

Pinot noir 40% + trousseau 60%

Designation :

Arbois PDO

Terroir :

Grey marl (Pinot Noir) and rich gravel on marl (Trousseau)

Exposure :

Southeast (Pinot noir) and southwest (Trousseau)

Harvest :

Manual in 20 and 40 kg containers

Farming method :

Winter and spring : Cane pruning (Guyot). Arch trained. Addition of organic matter at the end of winter. Spring and summer : Disbudding then tying-up. The vines are only treated with copper and sulphur, no pesticides. The soil between the rows and "under the rows" is ploughed several times a year. No chemical weeding.

Yield :

18 hl/ha (frost 2017)

Vinification :

Fermentation. Gravity vatting without addition of SO2. Inerting of vat using CO2. Fermentation using indigenous yeast. During vatting, wetting of cap 2 to 3 times a week with no punching down. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in vats with no inputs. During devatting, before fermentation is completed, blending of free-run wine and press wine.

Aging :

Completion of fermentation and aging in vats. Addition of 30 mg/L of SO2 after MLF. No fining or filtration before bottling.

Bottling :

Scheduled: April 2017

Serving temperature :

Between 13°C and 15°C

Tasting :

Sustained red colour, on the nose hints of red fruits, closer to raspberry. Crisp, red fruit flesh (cherry) on the palate.

Serving suggestions :

Terrines, Chilli, Osso buco, prime rib of beef, grilled meat